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Erasmus+ | Incoming Students & Partners

Welcome to the Institute for Geosciences at the University of Bonn!

 Application Deadlines: May 15th (Winter Semester) and November 1st (Summer Semester)


All students wishing to apply for a semester or year abroad at the University of Bonn are required to submit an application/nomination through our online form.

Before applying, you should contact the Erasmus Coordinator or advisory professor at your home university. They will provide you with all the important information regading the University of Bonn.

If the Erasmus Coordinator or advisory professor at your home university cannot answer all of your questions, please take a look at the Erasmus Key Data for our university.

Countries and universities that do not appear in the online portal form usually do not have an Erasmus exchange with the University of Bonn. Please do not randomly choose a university or send unfinished documents. When in doubt, contact your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator.

The most important information at a glance: Erasmus Fact Sheet

Please note: We only acccept nominations (= applications) through our online form.  

Application Process for International Students

As an international student interested in starting your studies in the field of Geosciences, a large support group of students, staff, and professors await you in Bonn! Many non-german students have come to Bonn and completed their studies in the Institute of Geosciences and have profited from the international connections of our institute.

In Bonn, the following Bachelors Degree Programs are offered from the Institute of Geosciences:

as well as the following Masters Degree Programs:


It is our goal to help you succesfully begin your studies in the field of Geosciences here in Bonn, and support you along your journey to graduate.


General information

Please visit the website of the International Office of the University of Bonn to inform yourself about: