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ISAP Bonn-Lima Incoming


Peruvian Students who are interested in the ISAP Program at the University of Bonn will find important information under the following link:  GeoISAP-Bonn-Lima (en español). 

What does the Geoscience Institute of the University of Bonn offer? 

For the students of the PUCP who decide to come to Bonn through the DAAD GeoISAP Bonn Lima we offer two programs, depending on the personal knowledge of German. We know that the language is often a factor of insecurity when deciding to come to Germany. Therefore we want to give you the opportunity to accompany your decision before, during and after the exchange. During your stay in Germany you have the possibility to participate in German courses in order to improve your German language skills.

The ISAP program and the corresponding financing covers the period from August to the end of February (7 months) in Bonn. During this period it is possible to participate in the courses announced.



Program 1: Geosciences with little or no knowledge of German

with little or no knowledge of German, but with knowledge of English (levels from B2) we offer a special program, which takes into account the language facilities.


Program 2: Geosciences with knowledge of German:

with good knowledge of German (levels from B2) all the courses we offer to our students can be visited. Before the decision to come, we offer information about the modules that best fit into the individual study plan.


In the following we give you an idea of the steps to do before and during the exchange:

The application and the steps before the exchange are described in "ISAP Bonn Formalities".

Detailed information about the formalities can be found in the "Fact Sheet".

The current application form can be found here.

The Learning Agreement (LA) is available in pdf format. In the first part the selected courses in Bonn are indicated and in the second part the courses accepted and accredited by the PUCP.

Additional information for starting to study in Bonn - Information of the University of Bonn


There is also more general information about topics like living and housing in Bonn, costs etc. at the Incomings page of our institute!

For more information about the enrollment at the University in Bonn please read the information given at the website and make sure that you have all the documents that are needed like insurance.

German courses:

There are several possibilities to participate in German courses in Bonn:

We also put all the important information on one page about German courses


Participantes y coordinadores del programa ISAP - enero 2020.


Estudiar en Bonn

Geología de campo

Geología de campo 2021

Before your arrival in Bonn, we would like to show you the steps to follow in order to be able to start your studies in Bonn.


until March 30th


Sending of the nomination list of students of the PUCP to the coordinator in Bonn.


until April 10th

Sending (digital) the following documents:



- Form: Application for exchange

- Current university card (copy)        

- Identity Card (copy)

- Tabular curriculum vitae with language level information (pdf) - in English or German

- Report card (copy)

- Cover letter (1 page - pdf) - in English or German


until April 15th


Sending of the official acceptance on behalf of the University of Bonn for the application of the Visa - Schengen (!) for Germany.

April 15th-30th


Sending the signed acceptance forms of the PUCP students to Bonn in digital form

April 1st-30th


Establishment and signing of the Learning Agreement with the GeoISAP coordinator in Bonn under consideration of the courses attended at the PUCP according to the current transcript and knowledge of English and German

Form: Learning Agreement

beginning in April


Coordination of accommodation, university registration, insurance, bank account and German courses 

August 1st - February 28th
7 months
Available study places  


400.00 per month for 7 months

100 euro for German courses

Resulting in a total of 2900 euros


Academic calendar

Wintersemester (WiSe) - winter semester:

01. October - 31. March

Start and end of courses:

First week of October - first week of February

Sommersemester (SoSe) – summer semester:

April 1st - 30th. September

Start and end of courses:

First week April - mid July


Language of instruction


Generally German, specific courses in English and special courses in Spanish.




News of the ISAP program

Summer semester 2022:


This year it was finally time for the Germans to start a normal semester at the PUCP in Lima without major complications. For the exchange students, an information event (still held online) was offered at the beginning of the semester. The first weeks went by quickly and contacts with the other exchange students, but also Peruvians from the various courses were quickly established.

This semester, the English course, Integrative Ecology of the Central Andes, was chosen by all three, as well as other courses in Spanish. Immediately it became clear to the students that the course system is quite different from the one in Bonn and thus a lot of new knowledge and methods could be learned. Towards the end of the semester, the Covid rules were also further relaxed in Peru, so that the students could go to the campus library more often or also participate in various excursions, for example to Morro Solar, Casuarines or Paracas.

In addition, the close contact between the University of Bonn and Lima could also be further strengthened. For example, the student associations held an event together and thus further networked. Of course, the participation of the exchange students in all possible events of the institute has the great effect of making the ISAP program known among the students and thus providing incentives for further exchange.

However, it was especially nice to see that the previously established friendship of the Peruvian participants with the Germans could also be continued in Lima and therefore supporting an even closer exchange.

Winter semester 2021:

In the winter semester 2021 the exchange could finally be continued and the next three Peruvians arrived in Bonn in the middle of August. After a few days in quarantine, they were finally able to visit Bonn and were shown around the city by our students.

In September, the three took part in an introductory excursion to the Drachenfels as well as in the 10-day mapping. This year, however, they did not go to the Pyrenees as usual, but to the nearby but also very beautiful Brohl Valley, where they could learn a lot about the regional geology. Well settled in over the weeks, they were able to start the semester well in October. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the courses were mainly offered online, but there were also some exercises in presence. Here, especially the modules of the Masters were chosen, since these are also preferably offered in English.

Due to the online semester, some days could also be used for traveling, so that not only Germany, but also other European countries and their cultures could be discovered.

Summer semester 2020 (shortened by Covid):

The participants of the ISAP program from Bonn arrived back in the country at the end of June and have provided their experience reports for all who are interested. They got to know the country of Peru, the people, as well as the university better over a period of 4 months, but had to end their stay in Lima early.

Since the unpredictable Corona pandemic unfortunately caused many last-minute changes of plans worldwide, and a hard lockdown was also enforced in Peru at the end of March 2020, the PUCP was forced to close its doors and hold all events online. Nevertheless, our students were able to successfully complete the semester and benefit from most of the advantages of an international exchange.

The second participants from Peru unfortunately had to cancel their planned semester in Bonn. However, everything was done to postpone the exchange by only one semester, so that we were able to welcome the Peruvians in the coming summer semester at the University of Bonn and they could get to know the city at the most beautiful time of the year.

Winter semester 2019:

As is usual for all geologists, the Peruvian participants went off-site within their first week in Germany.

Approximately 20 kilometers south of the Federal City of Bonn is the Ahr Valley, where the students got acquainted with the local geology and European off-road equipment. Here the students studied the folded clastic sediments of the Rheinische Schiefergebirge. During the day, the stratification and schistosity of the rock was measured, sketches were completed and the natural gamma radiation of different lithologies was recorded. Shortly after this introductory excursion, the participants set off for Spain to produce geological maps of the Pyrenees.

The students of the ISAP program settled in well at the Institute of Earth Sciences. There they started with a project work in the Siebengebirge and took several courses in sedimentology and 3D modelling. Furthermore, ISAP students took the opportunity to learn German during their stay in Bonn.


At the end of November, the participants visited the Laacher See and the surrounding Volcanic Eifel in a voluntary excursion. There they applied their knowledge of volcanology and endogenous processes to determine the basaltic lavas and to identify and describe different structures in pyroclastic flows and tuff layers. Using these structures the students were able to interpret the conditions during the formation and deposition of different geological units of the Quaternary.




Cusco 2022

Estudiantes del ISAP en Cusco 2022

Exkursion Paracas 2022

Excursión a Paracas 2022

Bryce und Peruaner

Estudiantes del ISAP 2019 en Bonn