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ERASMUS+ (English)

Englisch version of the pages "ERASMUS+".

 Studying internationally

The ERASMUS program, which was originally launched by the Europian Union in 1987, changed their name in 2014 and continues their mission with the name ERASMUS+.

Those responsible for opperating this program are:

  • The ERASMUS-Cordinator of your study field at the university (name, linke to contact: Tom McCann"
  • The Department of International students for the overall coordination and organization and disbursment of funding


The ERASMUS+ program promotes:


Studying abroad with ERASMUS+

Before applying, please inform youself about ERASMUS+ and studying abroad with the help of the International Office about:

The application for a position to study at a partner university through ERASMUS is conducted with help of the Geosciences department ERASMUS-coordinator: Tom McCann, as well as with coordination with the International Affairs department of the University of Bonn.


After being selected for the ERASMUS+ program, please refer to the pages of the International Office about:


Subject-specific information:

  •  Partner universities
  • Accrediting and recognition procedures
  • Your contact partner (Tom McCann and Mario Valdivia-Manchego)


Financial support for studying abroad with ERASMUS+

ERASMUS+ can also support internships in a European country with durations of 2 Months (60 days) to 12 Months

In this case, you would have to find the respective internship yourself. (Or the corresponding information and connection for an internship, if your department offers internships abroad).


Please inform yourself on the website of International Office about the application process and:

  • general application requirements and elegibility critereia for an ERASMUS program
  • finiancial support through ERASMUS


Applications for an ERASMUS internship grant are done via the department you are studying in or with the help of your subject coordinator (here you will find relevant information on the application process, subject-specific application requirements and selection criteria, deadlines, documents, etc.).


After you have been selected for an ERASMUS + grant, please use the website of the International Office to inform yourself about:

  • your next steps to obtaining financial support through ERASMUS
  • important information and forms for your time abroad
  • offers for linguistic, cultural, and organizational preparation
  • the certificate for international competence, as an extra-curricular qualification offer, which recognizes studying abroad, participation in language courses, or internationally orientated courses, as well as commitment in th supervision of foreign students or in international associations or projects with a certificate



ERASMUS Incomings

We are excited that you have decided to study at the Institute for Geosciences of the university of Bonn!  We are happy to help you throughout your journey and studies with us.


General information


Please inform yourself first on the pages of the International Office of the university of Bonn for ERASMUS students about:


Once your application for ERASMUS has been confirmed by the university of Bonn, you will receive an informational e-mail from the International Office, containing all important information on the organizational preparation for your arrival (beginning of June / beginning of December).


Subject-specific information about:

  • Language requirements
  • Courses offered - See Concentrations in Geosciences
  • Contact partner for Geosciences is Tom McCann and Mario Valdivia-Manchego
  • For more information, please see "Applications from Abroad".